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MOMMAS House relies heavily on volunteers to keep our program running.  All volunteers must attend an orientation before being placed.  Orientations are typically held once per month.  To get information on volunteering or the next upcoming orientation, use the contact form below.


Ongoing Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Child Care
  • Tutoring/Teaching Skills (crafts, cooking, budgeting, personal care etc.)
  • Donation pick-up and/or sorting (food, furniture, clothes etc.)
  • Transportation - of residents to /from doctor's or other appointments, events
  • Fundraising - including special events and grant research/writing
  • Relief for House Managers
  • Handy people for small household repairs (paint, plumbing, yard work etc.)
  • Clerical Work - filing, data entry
  • Mailings - Assembling Newsletters and Event Invitations
  • Workshops - sharing your own personal skills or expertise with the young mothers
  • Collection Drives - Paper Goods, Diapers & Wipes, food collections, etc.

For more information about serving as a MOMMAS House volunteer,
Send an e-mail
Call our office at 516-781-8637
OR use the contact form below.


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Volunteer Spotlight… Pamela Karouzakis


I signed up for Christian Service as my religion class for my senior year. In this class we had to find a place to volunteer at and then we journalize our time in class. When I saw Mommas House on the list I was instantly drawn to it but I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do now. Even now I am not taking the class now I am still volunteering my time at Mommas House because I think it is a great organization.
At Mommas House I do a lot of different kind of volunteer activities. Most of the time I just do child care. I watch the young mother’s children while they are in workshops. I enjoy this because it has allowed me to make a connection with their children and in a way make a connection with the mothers.

At Mommas House I also do a lot of fundraising. I get involved by making fliers and using my school and workplace as advertisement areas to help promote the need for donations. People gladly donate money and other essentials for Mommas House. This past Christmas I also helped to raise money to buy food for the Annual Holiday Party. I cooked and supplied hot dogs, meatballs, chicken nuggets, salad, water and juice for the celebration. The day of the party I helped set up before and cleaned up after. I loved every time I spent at Mommas House.
      I believe Mommas House can help these young ladies in many ways. The first way is teaching them how to properly take care of their children, with the house mother and other Mommas House staff to give advice to these new young mothers. Another way is through all the workshops Mommas House offers it helps the young ladies to learn how they will be able to support themselves and their child financially. One of the most important things that Mommas House does to help these young ladies is that Mommas House makes sure they get through school while having their babies so when they leave they are all able to attain good jobs. While their stay at Mommas House these women develop responsibilities, trust, discipline, self-confidence and much more that will help them to succeed in life.  

Others can help Mommas House by just giving small donations of any kind whether it be money, clothes, or toiletries all donations are needed and appreciated. Other organizations can help Mommas House by doing fundraisers for Mommas House or other means of attracting donations. 


Along with volunteering at Mommas House I am very busy with other activities. I am actively apart of my youth group at my church and apart of the volleyball team there which a big commitment. At my school I used to be part of the tennis team and currently on the badminton team which is also another big commitment. At school I also helped with our blood drive in the beginning of the year and now our end of the year blood drive. In my junior year I ran my own blood drive and collected about 70 pints of blood. In addition to this I work  at OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as an intern doing office work and I work for Vector Marketing as a Sales Representative.


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