MOMMAS House is designed to serve young women, between the ages of 18 and 24, who are pregnant and/or parenting. MOMMAS House tries, in the provision of its services, to address all issues affecting young homeless mothers today.

The first issue MOMMAS House addresses is homelessness; by providing a safe and stable living environment for a mother and her child(ren). MOMMAS House provides Transitional Housing, Emergency Shelter and Permanent Housing services.

Transitional Housing: MOMMAS House flagship program. In this program the young mothers and their children may live in MOMMAS House for up to two years while they work towards individualized goals to help them achieve self-sufficiency and prepare them for independent living. Mothers apply directly to MOMMAS House for admission.

Emergency Shelter: In coordination with the Nassau County Department of Social Services, MOMMAS House provides short-term emergency housing to pregnant and parenting homeless youth mothers and their babies. The main focus of this program is to help stabilize the mother by ensuring she and her child(ren) are receiving all necessary services and accessing available community resources. Then MOMMAS House will assist the family in searching for long-term housing. All referrals for Emergency Shelter must go through the Nassau County DSS Emergency Housing Unit.

Permanent Housing: MOMMAS House operates a small permanent supportive housing program. Two 2-bedroom apartments for homeless mothers with children who may continue to live in the apartment for as long as they need the level of support services provided.

During the first six weeks after the baby is born, each young mother is encouraged to bond with her infant. During their time at MOMMAS House, the young mothers are provided with a supportive environment, strongly focused on the mother-child relationship and the development of parenting skills. Parenting classes and staff guidance instruct the young mothers in proper child care, thereby helping to minimize neglect often associated with teenaged motherhood.

Education and Employment
After the first six weeks, the young mother must proceed with vocational or educational goals which are to be accomplished during her residency. Our Social Work staff works with the resident to select an appropriate educational setting. This may be High School, GED preparation classes, College, Business School, or a more specific vocational training program.
Tutoring and other classes are offered as needs become apparent.
When educational goals have been reached the young mother must seek full-time employment in order to prepare for independent living. The Social Work staff works with the resident and various employment assistance programs to help the resident through this process.

Day Care
MOMMAS House currently provides onsite day care in each of its residences. This removes the added burden for the mother in having to research, select and transport her child to a safe and reliable daycare setting each day. As the mother begins to work, she is encouraged to begin the process of selecting an outside daycare setting, so she can have child care in place before she moves out on her own.

Life Skills

Ongoing workshops include: Nutrition, Financial Literacy & Budgeting, Health Care, Domestic Violence, Sexual Integrity & Health, Self-Esteem, Reading & Writing, Communication Skills, Food Preparation, Stress Management and Yoga. The mothers learn how to maintain a household through daily chores and food preparation with guidance from the on site House Manager.

Mental Health Services
All residents are provided with or referred out to
Mental Health Counseling, and additional psychiatric or substance abuse treatment as needed.

Early Intervention
All children are referred for Early Intervention Evaluations to identify developmental delays and learning disabilities as early as possible, particularly if the mother received inadequate prenatal care. If Early Intervention services are granted, the services may take place at MOMMAS House.

Drive to Thrive Program
The Drive to Thrive program addresses the need for the young mothers of MOMMAS House to be capable of transporting themselves and their children. In this program MOMMAS House assists the mothers in obtaining their Learner's Permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles, enrolls the mothers in driving school, which prepares them to take a road test, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to earn their Driver's License.
MOMMAS House also seeks out car donations from the public to give our working mother's a start on their road to independence!

As they learn the practical skills needed to be a working parent, they must save money in preparation for the day they leave MOMMAS HOUSE.


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